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These little stud earrings are such a favorites, both because of their low price, their fun shape, their bright colors, and their hypoallergenic posts. Great for adults and kids alike! At 3/8ths of an inch (just under a centimeter) in diameter, these are small enough to wear all the time, but big enough to be seen and admired.

I make them in batches of 50 or so at a time (this keeps the price low). I try to have these in a wide variety of colors, but because they do sell so well, it's a little hard to do that. Purples and blues are often the first to go, as are the "mermaid" earrings, so named by a sweet little girl either early this year or last year who's eyes lit up as soon as she saw them and her mother agreed she could get them. I have called them the "mermaid" earrings ever since. They vary between having all of the pastel colors at once, or any combination of 3 or more of them: lt. pink, rose pink, gold, seafoam green, sky blue, and light purple. Whenever I make a batch, I try to make at least 10 pairs of the "mermaid" earrings or more. Because I now have them online, I will try to increase that amount to 20 or more.

I will also be taking feedback on my Facebook page about the organization of these earrings due to the vast amount of them, whether they should be broken up or all put into the same listing. Please keep an eye on my Facebook to help me make my whole store better and easier for everyone, not just this listing.

*Note*  Because of the process of making the studs (glue that makes the rings roll, and rings not easy to get in the "right" spots), there will be some variation in the look of the earrings from the picture shown. For example, some might be pink on one side, silver on the other, or pink and silver evenly mixed. If you are very set on having them a particular way, I can make an individual pair for you and work really hard to get them that way, but it is going to increase the price to $7.

The exception to this are the mermaid earrings. Because they slightly change in color combinations, they will be listed by colors. But, again, these might change in appearance from what's listed.

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Stud earrings

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