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Artist Collection

´╗┐The Artist Collection includes hand painted elements done by me. These pieces are done with Golden artist acrylic paints, the same paints I use for my paintings. They are not done with cheap craft paints. Once they are completely dry, they are sealed at least 4 times with Krylon clear gloss sealant (I say at least 4 because something I lose track and do an extra. :) ). This give them a very durable finish that should withstand general wear and tear.

Having said that, these should still be given a little more care than the rest of my bracelets. I have worn pieces and had them not get damaged at all, but I have also been careful with storing them. They are going to be a little more delicate, and should generally be laid in a jewelry box or on a flat surface not bouncing around with other jewelry (so, no just tossing it in your purse or pocket with your keys.

Earrings are generally going to be nail art type designs, while bracelets and pendants will generally be more realistic. However, this isn't a hard rule. Just depends on what I feel like doing.

Commissions are available for these pieces, but they will take extra time. These pieces can take anywhere between a day to 4 days, depending on the detail involved. They also need drying time, sealant time, and then bracelet/earring/pendant design around the piece itself.

Artist Collection - Green with dots

The Artist Collection consists of hand painted components paired with a complimentary chain maille weave. I work hard to make sure the colors of p..


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