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Rings made in chainmaille are surprisingly comfortable. While they're not "stretchy", there is a bit of give that allows them to adjust a little with the natural changing of our fingers during the day. Also, because they are made of rings, they tend to roll off your fingers easier than bands do! (not by themselves, though. They are just less likely to get stuck) We have a variety of rings that can be made, some just standard bands, and some with beautiful Swarovski crystals. And we have all the colors that Swarovski makes in the chatons that are used for these rings (and boy, does Swarovski make some BEAUTIFUL stones!!). Custom pieces are encouraged and welcomed!

Because chainmaille rings have that give, they can be a little more finicky to fit. I do prefer to fit them in person, but fitting can still be done if you're ordering it to be shipped. You will need to know both your ring size as well as measure your finger to allow me to be accurate.

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