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Our earrings are often a mixture of chain maille and gemstones, crystals or beads, but sometimes just a little bit of rings woven together is all that's needed. There's lots to choose from! Most pieces can be shortened or lengthened to your preference. Just ask!

Most earrings are made with ear wires, and the style is dependent on the design of the earring, but ALL are hypoallergenic. If you have a greater allergy to metals, though, niobium ear wires are available for $2 more (niobium is supposed to be especially good for those with major metal allergies). Selection needs to be made before adding the earrings to your cart.

You may also choose to have your earrings put on posts, (also hypoallergenic). Again, this needs to be chosen before adding the earrings to your cart, but there is no additional charge. (ear posts will shorten the earrings, usually by between 1/4" to 1/2".)

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